Meet SIX®, a powerhouse “Vocal Band” starring five real brothers who take music entertainment to all new levels with every performance! Recognized for being “an orchestra of human voices” and “masters of showmanship”, these skillful brothers don’t use a single instrument during their performance, though you could swear you’re hearing them!


Integrating energetic choreography, fun sibling humor, and a wide range of musical genres sure to entertain audiences of all ages and tastes, SIX® knows exactly how to blend rhythm, beatbox, and a powerful sound that the brothers have fine tuned since they were children.

SIX® has received several awards and recognitions over the years including:
“Best Show”
“Entertainers of the Year”
“Vocal Group of the Year”
& many more since they took Branson by storm in 2006

Since 2020, SIX® has made their home at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater which is located on the famous 76 strip. This state of the art concert venue additionally houses the World’s Greatest Live Tribute Show, Legends in Concert!



SIX®  not only continues to present new material that’s fresh, unique and unexpected, but also consistently amazes audiences with their ability to deliver strong performances, tight harmonies, and high-end, unparalleled, professional production.

Once you experience it, you will understand the power of SIX®! To learn more about the power of SIX, read our Travel Blog here.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater
1600 W. 76 Country Blvd.
Branson, MO 65616

Ticket Pricing
Adult Box Office: $44.21
Child Box Office:$24.94
Our Adult Ticket: $38.37
Our Child Ticket: $22.95
Ticket Pricing Notes:
Child Ages 3-17

*Ticket Prices Subject to Change

*Select Shows Only


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