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Get ready to jam out to the energetic vocals, the head bopping instrumentals, and the powerful rhythm of rock and roll music right here in Branson, MO. These spectacular rock and roll themed presentations showcase the best in the world of rock as the hits of some the greatest bands and artists to date are performed live on-stage including Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen, and Bon Jovi. Performances from these talented singers, dancers and musicians will knock your socks off with every production and performance with first-rate costumes, lighting, stage effects and energy out the wazoo! If you are a die hard fan of rock and roll, these are the shows you won’t want to miss!

Anthems of Rock

Anthems of Rock, King Castle Theatre’s spectacular new show, brings the greatest rock songs in history to the stage! Song after song, Anthems of Rock delivers an outstanding lineup of number one hits from some […]

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