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Humorous in nature, the sole purpose of Branson comedy centered shows is to create intentional laughter and joy for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and demographics. Comedy can be incorporated into nearly all genres of music and showbiz whether its during a fun skit or incorporated into the lyrics of a song. As long as the delivery is right, comedy has a wonderful way of improving emotional health and relieving stress levels for any guest open to a little humor and a lot of fun. Browse our Branson list of the best comedy shows around and prepare for a time of family fun, music, and nature’s best source of medicine: laughter!

All Hands on Deck

It’s America’s Favorite WWII Big Band Roadshow! A high-energy 1942 roadshow & radio broadcast filled with toe-tapping American songs, heart-warming harmonies, Broadway-style tap dancing, rousing on-air fun, classic radio commercials, and sing-along excitement all accompanied […]

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Doug Gabriel Show

Come see the show that will have you talking for months! The Doug Gabriel Show is an entertaining family-friendly performance that features great music variety, rib-tickling comedy, and a terrific ensemble of musicians. With nearly […]

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Sanders Family Christmas

Celebrate the Holidays in November and December with the hilarious Sanders Family in Sanders Family Christmas. The Sanctified Sanders Family Singers return to the Little Opry Theatre inside Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex to celebrate the […]

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Smoke on the Mountain

A hilarious gospel musical comedy! Set in North Carolina in 1938, Smoke on the Mountain follows the Sanders Family Singers as they perform at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church’s Saturday Night Gospel Sing! Meet a talented […]

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Sons of Britches

An Amazing Tribute Show…to Themselves! Meet the SOBs… Earl (Melvin) Vaughan “don’t know anything & don’t suspect anything” and Louis (Squirrel Dog) Darby “gee, it’s dark in here! It gets late early”! Top notch musicians, […]

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