National Tiger Sanctuary Tours

National Tiger Sanctuary is a non-profit, rescue organization that provides a permanent home for exotic and domestic animals. Their diverse learning campus is dedicated to preservation of the environment and exemplary animal care. They provide unique educational programs and experiences to foster a love and appreciation for nature in the heart of every visitor. Visit the sanctuary to see big cats like you’ve never seen them before! You can feed the cats yourself or even go behind the scenes to learn about animal care! All big cat tours are guided, walking tours through the sanctuary.

An average tour is 1/4 mile walk, and there are benches to stop and rest. Electric scooters are available to rent, but we recommend you reserve your scooter in advance. You are also welcome to bring your own scooter, wheelchair, or stroller on the tour. Feel free to ask questions and take photos or videos. All tours are outdoors, and they conduct tours rain or shine. Reservations are requested for Behind the Scenes and Day with the Director tours, but otherwise no reservations are necessary.

Admission Rates
Adult Retail: $30
Our Adult Price: $27
Our Senior Price: $23
Our Child Price: $18
Ticket Pricing Notes: Child Ages 3-12. Senior Ages 55 and Up. Prices shown for standard Awareness Tour. Additional Tours available | Feeding Tour – Adult: $36 Child: $18 | Behind The Scenes Tour – All Ages: $112 | Day With The Director – All Ages: $225

Awareness Tour — See tigers and lions, hear about their personalities, and gain big cat knowledge.

Feeding Tour — Includes the Awareness Tour, plus see leopards and/or mountain lions. Watch the big cats eat and hear them crunch through bones!

Behind the Scenes Tour — See twice as many big cats, get a behind the scenes look at feeding time, and feed the cats yourself!

Day with the Director– Spend a day with the director and get a VIP look at animal care, feeding time, animal transportation, and much more!

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