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Shanghai Circus – Mickey Gilley Theatre | Branson, MO 2021 


Want to see a fire-eating magician, a master juggler, or a gravity-defying aerialist?

If your answer was yes to any of those, it’s time to jump in the car and make your way to Branson to see the new show – Shanghai Circus –  only at the Micky Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre! This variety performance makes its debut with a troupe of talented aerial artists who bring amazing feats of strength, flexibility, and grace with them to the stage. Think Cirque Du Soleil meets Acrobats of Shanghai and you’ll have an idea of what this show emanates from start to finish.

Audiences may witness eye-widening stunts like extreme yo-yo tricks, hold-your-breath balancing acts, and a colorful hula hoop number that will leave you with your jaw dropped clear to the floor. The performers continually tell gravity to take a hike as they pull off the unfeasible, the impossible, the out-of-the-question from one heart-pounding act to the next. 

This show combines colorful themes, finely crafted skills, and a diverse melting pot of talent live to stage each and every day, and – trust us – it’s no easy feat in showbiz! These performers will literally jump through hoops to keep the audience entertained!

Guests will see all of the hard work and effort performers pour into making this show truly memorable as they embody an obvious passion for bringing AWE and INSPIRATION to others. So, go grab some Andy’s Frozen Custard and head over to the beautiful red-rimmed Mickey Gilley Threatre off the famous 76 Strip for Shanghai Circus!

Shanghai_Circus_Mickey_Gilley_Theatre_Branson_Missouri Shanghai_Circus_Mickey_Gilley_Theatre_Branson_Missouri

What others are saying about Shanghai Circus: 

“Shanghai circus is loads of fun. The kids (all under 7) had a blast. Excellent variety. And the acrobatics were impressive.” – Tom Hill, Google Reviews 2021 

“From what I can tell in other reviews, the cast of the Shanghai circus has changed recently, but the show is still AMAZING! The cast had a great stage presence, and I was genuinely charmed by every performer. Their contortionists had incredible muscle control, and the aerial performers were so graceful. All the performers were so excited, and I could tell they loved being onstage. Would definitely recommend seeing with friends as loud cheering and audience excitement is encouraged. As of June 2021, I would 100% recommend to anyone who loves the circus!” – Breanna Kappel, Google Reviews, 2021 

“The acrobat show was one of a kind and a Branson must-see! It was a very family-friendly show and wowed us all into wild applause. The staff was amazing, and the cast was incredible to watch. They should be so proud of their hard work to put on a good show! Check them out! You won’t regret it!” – Annalise Seger, Google Reviews 2021 


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