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Over 50 Life-Sized Dinos on Display at the Dinosaur Museum | Museums To Visit in Branson, Missouri


An up-close, fun, and educational experience perfect for dino lovers!

Anyone who appreciates the scales, the teeth, and the diversity of dinosaur species is sure to dig all the Branson Dinosaur Museum has to offer! Designed for dino fans of all ages, this educational museum brings guests face-to-face with over 50 life-size dinosaurs ranging in size, species, and color.

When guests first walk through the doors of the Branson Dinosaur Museum, the setting is quaint, but the property itself houses enough dinosaur-themed gifts and décor to please any paleontologist. There’s even the unmistakable Jurassic Park soundtrack playing in the front gift shop to set the mood as visitors prepare to begin their journey through dinosaur territory.

Guests will be informed they can receive 10% off items in the gift shop if they participate in a fun Scavenger Hunt where the challenge lies in finding 10 hidden fossils which are scattered throughout the museum. When guests step away from the ticket desk, they step back into a land before time – 65 million years to be exact – to an era where dinosaurs roamed the earth. From the small four-winged Microraptor to the fan-favorite intimidating tyrannosaurus rex – often referred to as T-Rex – the museum has it all. Thanks to paleo-artists who used dinosaur bones to mold bodies small, big, and anywhere in-between, the creatures are detailed to a fault and are a true sight to behold.

Guests are encouraged to spend as much time as they want with the prehistoric creatures, whether that be for 30 minutes or an entire day! The tours are self-guided, and pictures are allowed.

Descriptive plaques accompany each dinosaur to inform and answer any questions guests might have about that Dino’s specific size, definition, base or origin, habits, and more.


After 6 years at their new location (3619 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 656160, a Dinosaur Museum staff member said there will be some rearrangements and changes on the horizon for the museum, including new lighting, new displays, and real fossil bones to be added to the collection. The admission price is unbelievably amazing, so make sure to keep coming back to this museum to have – as the staff say – a ‘Dino-Tastic Time!’

Other Dinosaur Museum Features:
-Movie room that plays a classic documentary
-Fossil exhibit
-Scavenger hunt
-Coloring opportunities
-A Gift Shop
-A complimentary “I Survived the Branson Dinosaur Museum” sticker offered to guests at the end of the tour

*Select activities may be limited due to social distancing requirements


The Dinosaur Museum offers special rates for parties of 10 or more paying guests.*Special Offer conditions: Must ask using code before purchase. Non-transferable for cash. Not good with other offers. No refunds.


The Dinosaur Museum is open…

Jan & Feb: Sunday thru Saturday,10 am to 5 pm | March: Mon–Thurs. 9 am to 5 pm. Fri and Sat 9 am to 6 pm; Sun 10 am to 5 pm | April-May: Sun-Thursday 10 am to 5 pm.  Fri & Sat 9 am to 6 pm. | June, July, and August: Sun 10 am to 5 pm. Monday thru Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm; Thursday thru Saturday 9 am to 6 pm | Sept thru Dec: Sun thru Sat, 10 am to 5 pm


What Others are saying about the Dinosaur Museum:

“First of all, this is crazy affordable! It is only 12.99 an adult and like 9 for older kids. Our toddler, who is almost 4, was Free. Plus, you get to go through as many times as you like, which is awesome for us since we have a dinosaur-obsessed girl. They have a scavenger hunt that gives a 10% discount if you find all of the fossils and an activity sheet you can fill out while looking at all of the cool dinosaurs. At the end, they have a little viewing room with videos about dinosaurs playing; then, in the lobby, the kids free stickers and a coloring sheet. Some of the bigger toys can range in the $70 area, while others are only $10. Either way, you will find something you and your kids will love. We will definitely be coming back.” – Latisha Morris, Google Reviews 2021

“Had a great time doing the Scavenger hunt at the dinosaur museum. Great place for the whole family.” – Sheila Prestenback, Google Reviews 2021

“Must visit place with kids. We love to visit this place again. Family fun activity scavenger hunt for golden fossils. Education with fun. 30 mins to complete the hunt. Staff members are very polite, and we love the way they greet us. Kids are going to enjoy this place.” Supermom Pooja, Google Reviews 2021


More about the Branson Dinosaur Museum:

While on the self-guided tour, visitors will see all types of creatures true to scale, from the very smallest 1-foot Microraptor to the looming 42-foot tyrannosaurus rex that stands about two stories high. The Dinosaur Museum is not just fun; it’s educational, making it the perfect stop for families and school field trips!

Overall, this one-of-a-kind museum in Branson offers the ideal opportunity for people to learn and see how different dinosaurs are by size, shape, and eating preference making for one enlightening experience!



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