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Master Illusionist Rick Thomas Makes Grand Shanghai Theatre His New Home | Branson 2021


Take a journey with the world-renowned illusionist Rick Thomas as he takes you on one unforgettable expedition to his Mansion of Dreams. This 2-hour magic show extravaganza is complete with mystery, dreams, and mind-boggling illusions leaving the audience wondering…how did Rick do that?

This year, Rick has brought his new Mansion of Dreams home to the Mickey Gilley’s Grand Shanghai Theater in Branson, Missouri. Rick told us during an interview that he and his team have worked hard to re-create many of the same effects at their new theater location.

“What we’ve been able to re-create with the Mansion of Dreams is just stunning. Our team has done a great job at doing something more so than people have expected. Some guests who came to the show last year say that they loved the show even more so this year for the way that we did the performance last year, including how this new location emits a certain level of intimacy and personalization. It’s just wonderful.”

Rick went on to say that it’s been amazing getting to perform out of Branson as he explained: “We were the only place in the entire world where shows were performing. Nobody else worldwide but Branson was doing shows. This year, Branson leads in the world of entertainment as they re-opened before every other place across the world, showing it can be done, we can do this, we are moving forward, and entertainment is back. That’s what we’ve done in Branson. It’s not about Rick Thomas; it’s about what we’ve done as a city.”


It’s no secret that Rick Thomas is passionate about his work as he includes not just amazing acts of illusion and magic throughout the show, but also adds special stories, humorous moments with the audience, and personal touches at every turn that make his show both memorable and personal.


People of all ages will experience amazing and magical elements as they witness several mysterious illusions wrapped around the ever-present theme of following your dreams. Contained within the production are the most intriguing, innovative, and mind-blowing grand illusions in the world that, according to Rick, took years to come to life on stage.

“Mansion of Dreams is a show that was years in the making,” Rick said. “My show has always been about following your dreams, always. I thought I’d make it out where it’s as if the Mansion of Dreams is my home and the audience of the show are the guests. The idea is I take my guests around the mansion and share with you my dreams and how my dreams became a reality. Hopefully, you think about your life, your dreams and you pursue them as well. That’s all I want. I know life is hard. I understand dreams don’t always come true, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep pushing for them.”

Over the years, Rick has completed five world tours covering over 50 countries from sold-out performances at Caesars Colosseum to headlining the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Rick also performed in Las Vegas and on Broadway and continues to entertain millions of people across the world with the most breathtaking and mind-blowing grand illusions!



When asked about what element he enjoys the most about performing on stage, Rick explained, “I am honored and so pleased that I can stand in front of you, the audience, and get to be together for two hours. It is not about me fooling you. It is not about the magic. It’s about the relationship that we have as audience and performer.”

Rick has a number of beautiful animals join him on stage during the show including birds and two of his beautiful Pyrenees dogs, Lightning and Thunder. Rick previously had tigers in the show, but decided to let the majestic tigers live freely at a beautiful reserve in Kingman, Arizona called Keepers of the Wild.

“When I removed the tigers from the show, there was a big hole in my heart, ” Rick said. “I was lucky to have survived it. I wanted to still give back to them so that’s why I’ve continued to sell the tigers in the gift shop and those proceeds go to India(home base of the Wildlife SOS organization) where they have reserves. It was such a big part of my life and it was something I wanted to continue to support. I just wanted to still keep an element about the tigers and the show and make it mean something.”


Rick announced that there will be new effects and illusions added to the show throughout the year so there is always something new and refreshing to enjoy for guests of all ages and interests.


Illusionist Rick Thomas Mansion of Dreams is currently in its 8th Season in Branson and has received the following recognitions:

  • Branson’s Entertainer of the Year – Branson Terry Awards (Current Recipient)
  • Illusionist of the World – World Magic Awards (Highest Award in Magic)
  • Honored with a Key to the City of Las Vegas – Most successful show for families in the history of Las Vegas.
  • Magician of the Year – Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle)
  • Show of the Year – Branson Terry Awards
  • Best Magic Show – Branson Show Awards


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