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Great Way to Kick-Start Your Day!

What a great way to start the day! The Doug Gabriel Show in Branson has been a staple for many years for a reason. With great vocals, top-notch musicians, and side-splitting comedy, their show really IS the “ultimate variety show”!

The Doug Gabriel Show is a family-friendly variety show that features the talents of Doug Gabriel and his family. Doug is a 15-time male vocalist of the year in Branson, and he can sing a wide range of genres, from country to pop to rock. He also plays the guitar, including a unique “mufftar” made from a 1969 Thunderbird muffler. His wife Cheryl, daughter Jasmine, and son Josh also sing and perform solos, duets, and trios. Another son, Jordan, provides hilarious comedy sketches and impersonations. The show also has a live band with four musicians who play the drums, keyboard, guitar, and bass.

The show is held at the Baldknobbers Theater on Historic Highway 165 in Branson. It runs from March to December, with weekly shows at 10 AM. We’ve included their full 2023 schedule at the end of this post!

The show has received many positive reviews from visitors who enjoyed the music, comedy, and family atmosphere. Some of the comments are:

  • “We have visited Branson almost every year for the last 25 years and we have made it a point to attend Doug Gabriel’s show every year. They change their show every year with the exception of a few songs that have become Doug’s trademarks – and his fans continue to request that he keep certain songs in the show. I too have found that I will go to his show hoping to hear him sing a song that particularly touched my heart. Doug’s whole family is very talented and they continue to put on a show that your whole family will enjoy.”
  • “I now understand why Doug is a 15-time male vocalist of the year in Branson. He did country plus popular hits (his voice seemed too good for country!). His whole family is very talented too. His wife and daughter did wonderful solos, a son played drums (with 3 more musicians), and another son did the comedic stuff (Jim Carey-ish). The comic also won best-in-show twice. I also liked Doug’s original songs (ones he wrote) – the best originals I’ve heard so far.”
  • “Awesome show and great music!! I like the integration of comedy (Mr. Hershey Kisses is too funny). Time and money well spent.”

Based on our experience and these reviews, Doug Gabriel puts on a great show for anyone who loves music and laughter, and who appreciates a talented family that works hard to entertain their audience. Make sure you add it to your Branson vacation itinerary!

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