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Dive into the Thrill: Branson’s Top Roller Coasters

Welcome to Branson, Missouri, where the Ozark Mountains meet adrenaline-pumping excitement! Nestled among the natural beauty of the region, Branson is not just a haven for music and entertainment but also a thrill-seeker’s paradise, boasting some of the most exhilarating roller coasters in the Midwest. Whether you’re a local seeking a rush or a tourist looking to add some spice to your Branson itinerary, these roller coasters are guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience.

  1. Outlaw Run: Where the Wild West Meets Wild Twists

Let’s kick off our roller coaster adventure with Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City. This wooden coaster is a marvel of modern engineering, seamlessly blending the spirit of the Wild West with heart-stopping twists and turns. With a top speed of 68 mph, Outlaw Run is the world’s only wooden coaster to feature inversions. Brace yourself for a ride that defies gravity and leaves you breathless.

  1. Time Traveler: A Journey Through Time and Space

If you’re in the mood for a coaster that defies convention, Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City is your ticket to an otherworldly experience. As the world’s fastest, steepest, and tallest spinning coaster, Time Traveler takes you on a 90-degree vertical drop and launches you into a world where time and space intertwine. With its unique spinning cars, every ride is a new adventure.

  1. Thunderation: Silver Dollar City’s Classic Wooden Coaster

For a taste of nostalgia combined with pure, unbridled fun, Thunderation at Silver Dollar City is the answer. This classic wooden coaster has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike for generations. With its twists, turns, and traditional wooden coaster charm, Thunderation offers a thrilling experience that pays homage to the golden age of roller coasters.

  1. Fire In The Hole: As An Honorable Mention

The World’s Most Historic Indoor Roller Coaster takes its final ride through the iconic burning town of Marmaros in the 2023 season. Built half-a-century ago, the legendary coaster has seen over 25 million guests onboard! Silver Dollar City has announced a new $30 million “Fire In The Hole” roller coaster coming in 2024. The new roller coaster will include three drops and a quick splash landing, a custom soundtrack, lighting effects and special effects, such as using fiber optics to create a fast-burning fuse. It will be housed in a five-story, temperature controlled building and will be nearly a third of a mile long. Its storyline is based on a fictional account of a night in the Ozark Mountains when the mining town of Marmaros was burned to the ground by a group of vigilantes called the Baldknobbers and is sure to keep the roller coaster legendary.


Branson, Missouri, isn’t just about world-class entertainment shows and stunning landscapes; it’s also a haven for thrill-seekers. With roller coasters like Outlaw Run, Time Traveler, and Thunderation at Silver Dollar City, Branson invites you to strap in, scream your heart out, and make memories that will last a lifetime. So, whether you’re a local looking for a weekend adventure or a tourist seeking an adrenaline fix, Branson’s roller coasters promise an exhilarating journey that you won’t soon forget. Come, dive into the thrill, and let Branson redefine your definition of excitement!

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