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Best Times to Visit Branson, MO | Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter


There’s a saying in Branson that goes a little like this — “If you don’t like the weather, stick around. It’ll change.”

It’s an accurate statement and one that rings true every year here in Ozark country. Branson locals and visitors will have the chance to experience each season to its fullest — along with fun, annual festivals, and events — making every season the best time to visit Branson, Missouri!

Here is a short rundown of everything you need to know about visiting Branson during the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter seasons!

Spring (March — Early May)


March through May is a transition season for Branson as the lingering effects of winter are beginning to melt away, but the air is still pretty chilly willy. Temperatures will move between the mid-30s to the upper 50s, so layering your clothes is important during the spring season! In May, Branson is transitioning into the hustle and bustle of the busy season with festivals, events, and Easter brunches with the average high in the mid-70s.

Summer (June — August)


In Branson, summer is a time when the roads are packed and the outdoor attractions are in full swing! The kids are out of school, and families are ready for some vacation, fun, and hopefully, some R & R. The hot spots of Branson are Silver Dollar City, White Water, and West State Hwy 76, so either be prepared for traffic or try to show up early if you can!

The average high temperature is typically around the mid to upper 80s but be warned that some days will creep into the upper 90s. Room rates in Branson are relatively affordable year-round – and, thankfully, summertime is no exception.

Fall (September — October)


Fall in Branson is a beautiful time of year full of festivities, changing leaves, and sweater weather. Temperatures from September to October range from the mid-40s to the low 80s, so scarves, hats, jackets, and gloves will be a good idea! Room rates will hold steady this time of year, and the traffic index will lighten in certain areas. 

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Winter ( November — February)


During the months of November, December, January, and the early weeks of February, Branson has an average low temperature of the 20s. Buurrrr!

If you can brave the chilly climate, the winter holidays are one of Branson’s peak tourist seasons — for good reason. The city comes to life with festive lights, Christmas decorations, and special holiday events complete with pipping hot cocoa. 

Visitors need to bring coats and pack enough layers to make an Eskimo happy as the weather yo-yos around a bit from tolerable cold to freeze your face off. Average highs are 58 in November, and average lows move down to 27 in December. Since accommodations book up rather quickly during the holidays, travelers should reserve their lodging as far ahead as possible — and the same goes for select show and attraction tickets. 

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