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12 Intriguing Facts About The Veteran’s Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri


Arguably one of the most powerful staples on the famous 76 Strip in Branson, Missouri, is the 15-ton bronze 50-man statue sitting in front of the Veteran’s Memorial Museum. The sculpture is themed “storming the beach” and commemorates the Western Allies of World War II.

Branson is a town passionate about Veterans, and Veterans Memorial Museum is one of the ideal attractions to visit and learn about the stories of Veterans, educate young generations, and take self-guided tours through history in a memorable and humbling experience.

Veterans_Museum_Branson_Missouri_Travel_Blog  Veterans_Museum_Branson_Missouri_Travel_Blog

Interesting Facts About The Veterans Memorial Museum

1. The 15 man statue was sculpted from real pictures that represent soldiers from every state. Fred Hoppe Jr (owner of the museum) sculpted the statue in honor of his dad, a World War II veteran, who is depicted at the front of the statue.

2. The Veterans Memorial Museum is filled with the most incredible collection of wartime exhibits with artifacts from WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Korea.

3. Many of the exhibits came to life thanks to the help of veterans and their families. Many of the displays include veterans’ personal stories.

4. The exhibits call for reflection and immerse guests into the lives of servicemen and women as they see items like uniforms, weapons,  letters to home, and medals on display.

5. The Veterans Memorial Museum is composed of ten halls covering wars and conflicts fought during the 20th Century. The self-guided tour starts in the World War I Hall and movies through World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and more.


6. Each hall features sculptures, murals, historical artifacts, and authentic memorabilia honoring each branch of the service.

7. The names of the men and women killed in action are displayed on the walls throughout the museum.

8. Fred Hoppe was inspired by the stories and sacrifices he heard about from his father (Fred Sr.). Fred Sr. is honored with a special exhibit and mural in the museum depicting his rescue of a wounded fellow soldier.

9. Fred Hoppe collected and wrote the scripts for over 2000 rare military artifacts he donated for use at the museum. Fred is also the leading designer, builder, and funder of the museum.

10. The museum officially opened on November 11, 2000. To accomplish this grand debut in time, Fred worked 18-hour days, seven days a week, and completed the project in 10 months.

11. Hoppe cut 70 tons of logs in a homemade sawmill (in his backyard) to provide siding and lumber for the museum’s 18,000 square feet building.

Veterans_Museum_Branson_Missouri_Travel_Blog12. The great hall of the museum lists over 400,000 names of the men and women killed in action during WWII.

*Special discounts are available for educational groups*

What Others Are Saying About Veterans Memorial Museum

“Absolutely loved seeing and learning so much plus having military in my family definitely eye-opening, my husband was not even aware he had family in the military until we saw the lists of names.”Janna Bourne, Google Reviews.

“I’ve been to a lot of military museums, and this is one of the best. Most of the uniforms on display were donated by those who served.”David N., Google Reviews.

“Fantastic – reasonably priced, wonderful display of artifacts. Great for those interested in the military or just history in general. I worked recommend a full 2 hours to get through all the displays.”Connie Nelson, Google Reviews.


Photo Credit: Branson Veterans Memorial Museum Website and Facebook page.

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